Predictive solutions in plant engineering

We set out to provide our clients with the best available systems for the manufacture of lightweight granulates. We offer individual solutions of the highest economy, time and cost-efficiency.

Our services:

  • Complete planning of thermal treatment plants
  • Supply of core components
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Production assistance


Specialists for rigorous demands

Our excellent network is your assurance that we provide solutions that are not just the technological state of the art, but also deliver the highest cost efficiency and maximum availability.

We supply production plants that

  • Are modular and fully automatic, also for unattended operation
  • Generate significantly less dust than gas-fired plants
  • Feature a new type of ventilation for smooth operating
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I have been working internationally in machinery and plant engineering business for over 15 years, answering the question of which technologies can deliver the greatest benefits, ecologically and economically.

With the Steinglas company we provide this focused expertise to the industry with the conviction that there is great potential in this field which has yet to be tapped. We are  supported by a strong network from industry, universities and applied research.

Portrait Johannes Pohl

Johannes Pohl, MSc

has over 15 years of experience in mechanical and plant engineering companies, incuding over 10 years in leadership positions in the US, Finland and Austria.