From raw material to finished product

What is technologically feasible and economically viable in the production of lightweight filler granulates? This is where we can help with our consulting services.

With our expertise, we advise manufacturers in many industries and help them meet their specific challenges:

  • Consulting for building or buying production plants
  • Analysis and selection of sand and granulates
  • Improvement of processes
  • Optimization of energy efficiency
  • Screening, breaking, drying, separating
  • Post-treatment

Thus, we lay the foundation for practical solutions that we translate into market-ready products in collaboration with our clients.

Pic Rohstoff-Produkt

What sets us apart

Steinglas goes in new directions in manufacturing. We improve established technologies with the latest scientific developments. Numerous industry partners are helping Steinglas take lightweight fillers to the next technological level. Market feedback is a key parameter in our continuous improvement.

Steinglas founder Johannes Pohl has many years of active experience in environmental technology. It is his stated goal to provide solutions that combine ecological progress with economic viability. Only in this way can good ideas achieve breaksthrough.