What are MicroBOLDs?

MicroBOLDs are tiny hollow spheres made from volcanic sand, like perlite, obsidian and pitchstone. Through controlled heating, the water in the sand expands and puffs it into MicroBOLDs. These mineral granulates are used as high-quality construction materials and in many industrial products.

Steinglas makes precision granulates with bulk densities from 100 g/l to 800 g/l, in grain sizes from a few µm to 1000 µm.


MicroBOLDs – a world of possibilities

MicroBOLDs have specific product properties. They are

  • Transparent to white (beige)
  • Odour-free
  • Free of organic components
  • Non-combustible
  • Pest-resistant
  • Purely mineral in origin

This makes them extremely versatile in use.

MicroBOLDs improve the properties and workability of construction materials. They are also used as lightweight fillers in paints and in fireproof products. In the plastics industry they are used as alternative additives. They are even used in cosmetic products.


Focus on sustainability

Today, innovations must be based on achieving maximum effect with minimal resources and energy. MicroBOLDs do this, from raw material to production to their many applications.

The base material is 100% natural. Sands of volcanic origin – vulcanites – are present in great quantities on all continents and have long been used in agriculture, construction materials and as filler.

Processing through to the final product is non-toxic and free of hazardous materials. MicroBOLDs meet all requirements for good further processing and are 100% recyclable at the end of their lifetime.

MicroBOLDs from Steinglas enable innovations in many industries, and help make the world more sustainable.